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[JUN & MIKI] fated meeting。

Bright shining sun! Clear blue sky! Packed baseball stadium! Nothing could be a better birthday present than this. Isashiki Jun wasn't really big on birthday celebrations and shit like that, but who could say no to a free ticket for one of what could be one the most exciting matches this season, and a seat in the infield box at that! Marines versus Buffaloes! Both strong with their offense, but their defense wasn't losing either! Man, sometimes his sister could be thoughtful too, huh.

Strangely enough, that sister had gone to the bathroom since the break between second and third inning and hadn't come back even until two innings later. Unfortunately, though, Jun was too engrossed in the match that he didn't notice her disappearance, nor did he notice the buzzing of his phone, both from a dozen LINE messages and two missed plus one currently incoming call. It was kind of hard to, when Marines' third batter managed to get into second base from a short infield hit! Everyone thought he was gonna stop at first base, but look at that fearless action, those fast legs, and that unnerving slide to the base!

"UOOOOOOGGHH!!!" he cheered as he stood up from his seat, the audience his surroundings might've been doing the same thing as him, but his voice was definitely louder, if not the loudest, among the crowd. "THAT'S THE SPIRIT, MAN! Now that's what I call baseball!"

While she wasn't an expert on baseball, this wasn't Miki's first time going to a Marines game. In fact, whenever she had the time, her close friend—Sayaka, would usually drag her here. Over the years, Miki did develop an interest for baseball after watching her friend play softball for so long and she wasn't going to deny, the sport was very interesting. Of course, nothing beat seeing her friend's eyes practically light up every time Wakui Hideaki stepped onto the mound to throw a pitch. It made the brunette girl rather proud to see such a talented pitcher from her area. Both of the girls were cheering when earlier in the game, he managed to strike out one of the Buffaloes clean up batters. "Wow! So cool!" The brunette girl was cheering from her seat.

Eventually, Sayaka happened to spot some of her fellow softball teammates sitting a couple of seats behind them. Although Sayaka told Miki that she just wanted to stop and say 'Hi', Miki urged her to go sit with them, thinking it would be more fun to comment on the game with people who knew the sport better. Besides, the loud guy that was sitting next to them was providing Miki all sorts of entertainment.

Never before in all her visits to the Marine stadium did Miki see someone so into a baseball game. While her friend was passionate about the sport, the older guy was pretty much on a whole new level. When the Marines' third batter managed to not only run to first base, but also the second, Miki couldn't help but yell at how exciting this match was. "That's beyond awesome!!!" When she finally settled down, she glanced back over to the brunette guy, slightly giggling. "Your enthusiasm is super infectious," She was finally taking the time to say something to him now that Sayaka was gone.

Nodding to himself with a big grin on his face, Jun huffed satisfiedly as he landed himself back on his seat, arms crossed. He came on a good day! Well he meant, he liked watching baseball matches in general, but this one was particularly great, and he was lucky enough to be there to watch it in person! Nothing beat the feeling of watching a good game in person... Well, except playing a good game on his own, of course.

"Huh?" he said, turning his head at the unexpected words from the girl beside him. While he was aware that she'd been there, he didn't really pay attention because well... He hadn't even realized his sister had been missing for a while. "'S that so? I'm glad," he said, grinning. He glanced and looked at her for a while then realized that she was by herself—it was a pretty rare sight in baseball matches as he'd usually see girls in a group or at least with a friend or boyfriend, but well it definitely wasn't unheard of.

But oops, sorry Miki, Jun's attention was quick to get back to the game when Buffaloes' pitcher began throwing to the next batter. Wham! Strike. Wham! Strike! "NICE!!" Jun shouted, unable to keep his widening grin. "He's completely calm although he just got a double and going against the cleanup batter, what a good pitcher," he said without thinking to no one in particular, maybe to the girl if she'd been listening, otherwise it was just to himself, not that he minded.

When Miki saw his grin, her own lips couldn't help but form a huge smile of her own. "Yeah! Your commentary has made the game especially exciting for me." Not that baseball wasn't fun to on its own, Jun's excitement and obvious passion for the sport made it like ten times more enjoyable for the brunette girl.

Not that she could blame the guy at all, what the Buffaloe pitcher did was quite exciting and Miki couldn't keep her eyes off the fine play. Wow! Even after getting a double, that pitcher managed to strike out the next batter that stepped up to the plate. "That's amazing!!" Miki also shouted along with Jun, feeling more energetic around him. "I love how that pitcher can stay so composed even after what just happened. It's so cool. I can't even begin to imagine what goes through a pitcher's mind when they are standing on the mound," she responded to Jun, getting more into the game with each passing second. Although she was cheering for her home team—The Marines to win, she knew how to appreciate a good game.

When the next batter stepped up to the plate, Miki was practically glued to the game. Strike! Ball! Strike! Ball! This was getting too intense and the girl was practically on the edge of her seat during the intense battle between the pitcher and the batter. Clunk! "The batter hit it!!" Miki yelled in excitement. Her excitement continued to grow as she watched the guy from second base run to not only third base, but back to home and earning a point for the Marines. "The guy from second base just ran to home!!! And it wasn't even from a home run hit!" At the realization that the Marines were gaining headway, she stood up and started to cheer. "YAY!! GO MARINES!!"
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Wow, this really was an exciting game! Even if she was still cheering for the Marines, it still amazed her to see the Buffaloes' batter get on second base. Seeing how fast all of the batters were running was thrilling to watch. Heck, she was even sure some of them were running as fast as bicycles from all of the adrenaline and how determined they all were. It made her greatly respect the other team. No matter what the outcome was, both definitely deserved to win and feel proud. Especially since they were playing such a good game for the fans to watch.

The other man's question takes her by surprise a little, she didn't expect him to keep a conversation going with her, but it does make her oddly happy that such a energetic guy was willing to speak to her!

"Yes, I am! I got to support my home team, after all." Miki returned his grin with a wide smile of her own. "Truth be told, I'm still very new to baseball. I originally came with my friend who plays softball but she found some teammates so I told her to go sit with them." Suddenly, Miki starts darting her eyes, as if she was making sure that Sayaka wasn't nearby them. She leans over to Jun, speaking in a more hushed tone of voice. "Don't tell her I told you this, but she has a huge crush on Wakui Hideaki." A small giggle leaves her lips as she pulls sits straight back up, glancing back at the defense who seemed to be ready for the next play.

"Do you play baseball, by the way? You seem like such an expert!"
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"Yup, yup, I am! Very proudy born and raised here!" Miki giggled and grinned as she did a pose that was similiar to Roise the Riveter in an attempt to look silly. "Wow, really?!" Even if she still didn't know the names of the different pitches, just from what he was talking about, it already made the Marines pitcher sound extra awesome. "That's very cool, and makes him sound even more impressive." Now she was definitely going to have to pay extra attention to his pitches from now on, just to better understand what he was talking about. "If you don't me asking, where are you from?"

Miki's eyes are sparkling at the new revelation. No wonder why he seemed to be so passionate about the sport, it reminded her about how she's had a love for bicycles for as long as she could remember. It always pleased her to see someone else so passionate about their favorite sport. "No wonder why you seem like such an expert at baseball," She grinned, while tilting her head to the side as she watched him pull his phone out of his pocket.

For a brief moment, she turned her attention back to the game... only to be startled by a yell right next to her. Miki jumped in her seat as she looked over at Jun with wide eyes.

Was he being yelled at? From the sounds of it, he seemed to have gotten seperated from whoever he originally came to game with. Miki was trying her hardest not to giggle so that way the other person didn't hear, but she couldn't hold it in and started to chuckle from how silly he was, yelling right back at his phone. That was until the words 'OUT!!!' caught her attention.

When he ends his conversation, Miki is practically gushing in excitement over what she just watched. His joke at bringing up Sayaka's crush makes the girl start to laugh, now she was tempted to tell her good friend about her run in with this guy and how they made fun of her. What a mean girl.. "Wakui-san struck out the first batter. It was an intense battle to watch but... " The next thing was what she was really excited to tell Jun. "The next batter had some strikes and balls, but he then was able to hit the ball pretty far! He was running to second base but the outfielder managed to catch it and throw it to the guy on second base. If it wasn't for that awesome outfielder's long throw, he would have made it!"
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Poor guy. Miki can't help but feel a little sorry, especially since he was so enthusiastic about the game. "I know it's not the same but with the game Wakui is playing, you might be able to catch another strikeout of his!" She gave him a reassuring smile that practically radiated positivity! Looking on the bright side of things was one of her best traits. "Yes, it was Ogino-senshu! Are you a fan of his?" Every so often her eyes would glance back at the game. It was exciting and she didn't want to miss too much of it. "He's a great outfielder. I'm always impressed whenever he's on the starting line up. It's amazing to see his long throws from all the way in the outfield."

"Don't mind! You were talking on the phone earlier, after all." Miki giggles and stretches a little in her seat, still feeling amused from hearing his phone conversation from earlier. "Let's see... I almost can't even remember." She hums to herself before it clicked in her head. "Oh! I was wondering where you were from."
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No offense taken! If anything, Miki was enjoying seeing someone who was obviously so passionate about a sport and really getting into a game. Nothing like seeing someone with a love for their sport. "He does, doesn't he? I feel like, if it wasn't for him and his quick thinking, the Marines would be in trouble." When he mentions his baseball talent, Miki immediatedly whips her head to him and from the game, looking at him as if she met some kind of celebrity. "WHOA! You can?!" In an instant, the brunette's eyes are practically shining with excitement at Jun's skills. "That's like, beyond totally awesome!! From the way you talk, you sound like a very skilled baseball player. If possible, I'd love to watch a game of yours! Can you throw as far as he can?!" Slow down on the questions, Bike Otaku...

"Ooh, Kanagawa! Then we aren't that far away from each other." How neat!! Miki was thrilled to make a possible new friend from a different area, even if it isn't too far away. "So you are a dorm student, huh. Is there a reason why you go to to a school in Tokyo and not your hometown?" That was really interesting! While she would prefer to go to a school near her family, the idea of living at a dorm and in a totally different city sounded very exciting.